Taliban kill 16 local policemen in Ghazni province


Kabul (afviews): Local officials in central Ghazni province confirmed that Taliban fighters have attacked a security post and killed 16 local police personals.
 It is reported that these local police personals were participated in an uprising against the Taliban in Andar district of Ghazni Province last year.

Abdul Jamey Jamey, Ghazni deputy head of Provincial Council told media that armed Taliban killed 18 local policemen in Andar district on last night.

At the other hand, a member of Andar district council, with condition of anonymity, confirmed the death of 18 local policemen and said that the killed people were members of the national uprising.

Earlier, Zabihullah Mojahed, the Taliban spokesman in a statement said that the Taliban attacked a security post of Arbakis in the Godlu area near the centre of Andar district last night and 19 Arbakis were killed as a result.

Local officials in Ghazni province said that a delegation has been sent to the area for investigation.

Last year hundreds of local people in Andar district begin an uprising against the Taliban saying that they faced many problems by the Taliban in the area.



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