Officials in snow-hit northern province ask government for emergency aid


Kabul (afviews): Heavy snow has caused major challenges for local people in the hilltop areas of northern Badakhshan province while with harsh winter cuts off most of the districts from the provincial capital local officials said.Salang Way

Following fresh heavy snow, provincial authorities in Badakhshan Province have voiced concern over intense increases in food and fuel prices in this province.

Speaking to local media local people has warned that people in some parts of the district are starving and suffer from lack of medicine.

They call for provision of emergency assistance for the affected people by air or through Tajikistan bordering with the isolated areas.

It is reported that roads to several districts have been blocked due to the heavy snow and urge the government to supply food and medicines to the remote district by air or through Tajikistan. According to the provincial officials the heavy snowfall has cut off 17 districts from the provincial capital and people are in dire need of food aid and medicines.

Badakhshan province governor's Spokesman Abdul Marof Rashikh, said, “We have provided some aid and sent emergency supplies to the needy residents but food prices are increasing in most parts of the districts which are blocked by heavy snow accumulations and efforts are under way to get food assistance to the needy residents through airlift assistance.”

He demanded food assistance through air or Tajikistan soil to the Badakhshan residents. The recent heavy snow falls in Badakhshan have been unprecedented. Based on the reports, in some parts of Badakhshan the snow levels have reached three meters in height.



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