Legal action will be taken against perpetrator of torture: Attorney office.


Kabul (afviews): The Afghan Attorney General's Office has said that strict legal action will be taken against those, who were involved in torturing of prisoners, in Afghanistan’s prisons.

The Attorney General's Office say that based on President Karzai's decree, a commission has been set up and will start its investigation about those people, who had been involved in the torture and mistreatment of prisoners in jails in Kabul, Kandahar and Herat provinces.

The Attorney General's Office spokesman, Abdul Basir Azizi, spokesman told media that the president had fully authorized the Attorney General's Office in this connection and stern action would be taken against the violators.

President Karzai ordered the Attorney General's Office to identify and detain the perpetrator of torturing prisoners after an Afghan government appointed fact-finding commission confirmed that people had been tortured and mistreated during investigation or at the time of their arrest.

Human rights commission reported earlier torturing and mistreatment of prisoners in prisons and detention centres in Afghanistan.

Addressing to military top commanders at Afghan Military Academy, president Karzai had call torture of prisoners by Afghan as “A shame” and said that no one had the right to insult and torture detainees.



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