Afghan president urges USA to avoid granting contracts to officials


Kabul (afviews): Afghan President Hamed Karzai and US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Bob Menendez discussed strategic cooperation between the two countries.

The Presidential Palace press office said that the meeting held in the palace and the two sides discussed issues related to strategic cooperation between the two countries, peace process, fight against corruption and the coming presidential election.
Hamid Karzai Afghan President

“The president said that Afghanistan needed serious and sincere cooperation of the international community, especially the US in the fight against administrative corruption. Hamed Karzai said that the granting of contracts to the relatives of Afghan government officials by donor countries and organizations was the major source of corruption and he requested that the US avoid granting contracts to them The president requested that the US avoid granting contracts to them,” the presidential palace statement said.

“He added that the giving of contracts to the relatives of government officials would weaken the government and cause problems for the efforts being made to curb corruption,” the statement added.

Terming the peace process important for Afghanistan, the president stressed the need for sincere cooperation of Pakistan, the US and the rest of the countries involved in Afghanistan for the success of this important process.

Speaking about next presidential election, President Karzai said that the government of Afghanistan was committed to holding free, transparent and fair election.

The Afghan president once again said that foreign countries must not interfere in the presidential election of Afghanistan and requested the USA to cooperate in this area.

According to the palace statement, Senator Robert Bob Menendez, who was recently appointed US Senate foreign relations committee chairman, said that he began his first foreign trip from Afghanistan because of the importance of this country.

Pointing to the successful talks between the Afghan and American presidents in Washington, Menendez said that the US would not abandon Afghanistan.

He also said that signing of a security pact between Afghanistan and the US would benefit both countries.



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