Afghan president Karzai warns of foreign efforts to disrupt Afghan peace efforts


Kabul (afviews): Afghan President Hamed Karzai has said that peace efforts have yielded good results in Afghanistan, however, he said some foreign circles are making efforts to undermine peace in Afghanistan.
In his speech delivered at a parliament opening session Karzai said, “There are foreign efforts aimed at not letting Afghanistan to have a government and system so that Afghanistan should be at the service of others. They want it to be impoverished, needy, in disorder and split into groups. Therefore, the issue needs a very serious attitude from us in order to make our peace effort a united effort of all people of Afghanistan.”
He cited that the Afghan government have taken a lot of steps over our long-term peace efforts.
“The steps have given good results at the national level. Moreover, some of the Taliban, who are our compatriots and who are patriots, have national feelings, have realized this.  We have received reports that they (Taliban) also want peace in their country, and they understand that they are destroying their country with their own hands,” he added.
President Karzai has said he will order the release of the inmates from jails under the US control after the Afghan government takes over responsibility for the jails.

“Our efforts for the transfer of jails under the control of the US have finally produced results after many years. The transfer of jails to Afghanistan will take place on Saturday (9 March). We know that innocent people are in these jails. In whatever way I am criticized, I will order for their release and the people should be released soon and go to their homes,” he said.
“The person who is innocent will be released, but the person who was involved in the killing of the Afghan people, explosions and killed people, will be punished,” Karzai said.
Afghan president said that the government and Afghan people are determined to finalize the security transition process as soon as possible and take the responsibility themselves.
He added that the implementation of the security transition process means to take full responsibility for people and the country and this is regarded as a sacred issue and cordial wish of our people. “We are seriously trying to implement it,” he added.

President Hamed Karzai has admitted that his own government's military and security forces are violating the rights of Afghan civilians during their military operations despite his efforts to stop this.

“Every day and without any exception I am fighting with the international community over the rights of the people of Afghanistan, the human rights of the people of Afghanistan, and I am arguing with them every day and telling them that our homes should not be bombed and our children and villages should not be harmed and no one should be annoyed or detained, yet we hear that the security forces of the government of Afghanistan trample on the rights of the people of Afghanistan in some cases. This is not forgivable.”

The president meanwhile said he was making the utmost efforts to deal with the problem and assured the Afghans of making sure that no civilians were harmed by the Afghan military forces.

“In every meeting I held with the security officials I have told them every day to make sure that the rights of the people of Afghanistan are not trampled on. On behalf of this government, today I would like to assure the people of Afghanistan from this session of the people of Afghanistan that the government, Ministry of Interior, the National Directorate of Security and other government bodies of Afghanistan are the guardians of the respect, prestige and security of the people of Afghanistan."

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