Afghan journalists worry about media freedom after foreign pullout


Kabul (afviews): A number of Afghan journalists based in the northeast Afghan province of Balkh express concern about the media activity in Afghanistan after 2014. afghan journalists%2C media

They say that the media outlets have had made good achievements over the past decade in Afghanistan, but it seems that the media will face challenges after the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

Following general public concerns about possible deterioration of the country's situation after the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, now it is Afghan journalists who are expressing concern in this connection.

These journalists urge the government and the Afghan media watchdogs supporting journalists to pay serious attention to the matter.

They say that if the government and the institutions defending journalists' rights are not adopting an appropriate strategy for addressing this problem, and therefore the presence of journalists may also decrease in the country day by day.

Zabihullah Majedi, the head of the Afghan Media Relations Foundation confirms the journalist concern, saying that although the development of media is the biggest achievement of the Afghan government, there are concerns that restrictions will be imposed on media activities after 2014.

“Recently threats and restrictions have increased against journalists and media activities in the region. This issue has raised serious concerns among journalists. Unfortunately, no government institutions are acting as supporters of the freedom of expression in this region,” Majedi said.

These concerns are expressed at a time when the Afghan government has repeatedly described any concerns about possible deterioration of security in the country after the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan as speculations.

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