Afghan government demand control of militia


 Kabul (afviews): The Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday gave US-led foreign forces three months to transfer control over armed Afghan militias to government.


This order approved following allegations of abuses by the militiamen in some parts of the country. 


The move appeared to be a further sign of Kabul’s determination to take control of the 11-year war against the Taliban, and in particular of militias reportedly trained by the US and operating without Kabul’s control.


According to a statement issued by the Afghan Ministers Council Secretariat, a team formed by the Afghan defense, interior ministries and NDS has been appointed to tackle the issue with US-led coalition forces.


With the bulk of NATO’s 100,000 combat soldiers due to leave next year, Karzai has several times sought to set the pace of the transition to full Afghan government control, scheduled by the end of 2014.





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