About us

Launched on Jan. 1, 2103, the Afghan Views is an independent portal that offers a wide range of news, photographs, interviews, analyses, comments and features on the political and security situation, economics, culture and sports in Afghanistan and the region at large.

The service, manned by qualified Afghan and foreign journalists, gives international as well as local visitors unique insights into the issues facing the conflict-torn country, particularly after the 2014 exit of NATO’s combat troops.

Regular gleanings from local media and dispassionate views of Afghan analysts will certainly enrich our foreign readers’ perspective on a variety of subjects concerning Afghanistan, its people and neighbours.

In an effort to protect the gains made over the past decade, we will do all we can to promote democracy, the freedom of expression, human rights, particularly women’s emancipation, education, a vibrant civil society and core constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.


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